Imprint™ 4 Preliminary

Product Spotlight


3M ESPE Imprint™ 4 Preliminary Impression Material

We all know that alginate impression materials can be limiting and/or frustrating for dental assistants to use for several reasons. There is pressure to pour impressions within 20 minutes or risk distortion, so time can’t be wasted during the procedure. For a multiple unit case, dentists would be forced to prepare teeth very quickly to avoid losing the detail needed. And if detail is lost, assistants can be faced with spending extra time trimming and refining provisionals. Additionally alginates cannot be poured more than one time, and ensuring precision of the powder-to-liquid ratio adds an extra challenge for time-pressed assistants. Although some dentists might say that “it’s so much more expensive” to use a VPS material versus an alginate, the numbers speak for themselves. It might cost 40 cents more per impression, but the ability to pour them multiple times without worry is priceless. The 3M ESPE Imprint 4 Preliminary replaces alginate and is ideal for all alginate indications while offering dental assistants easier handling, accuracy, and speed compared to powder alginate materials. Imprint 4 Preliminary also gives dental assistants the mixing consistency that is very difficult to achieve with hand-mixed alginates. Overall, it enables more efficiency, which is crucial in today’s offices.

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